Monday, November 3, 2008

Staten Islanders Love Where They Live

Wow... it turns out that 86% of Staten Islanders are “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with living here, while only 13% are somehow dissatisfied. That is pretty great!

I came across that information while on the SINY site, looking at the survey they had a survey company, Barry Zeplowitz & Associates, do. You can get the inside scoop on why your neighbors think Staten Island is such a great place to live, here: Read Full Survey [SINY]

In an open-ended question, allowing for any answer, residents were asked what they like most about Staten Island:
  • 16 percent say it is quiet or peaceful;
  • 11 percent cite the country atmosphere;
  • 11 percent say it is close to “the City";
  • 10 percent list friendly people;
  • 10 percent say home or family.

Click here to download the Poll results [SINY]

So, what do my readers on this blog think?

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