Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oriental Plaza Review: Old Faces, New Location

Let’s face it; Staten Islanders love their Chinese and Japanese food. This is pretty apparent by the presence of a Chinese restaurant or take-out in every shopping center and on almost every block, and a Japanese and sushi restaurant in every other shopping center and block. Many of these restaurants offer the same kind of food, with little or no differentiation between them and most of the time you already know what you want without even having to look at a menu. For many years, there was one restaurant that not only offered quality Chinese food, but also capitalized on Staten Island’s love of Japanese cuisine. Oriental Plaza was a favorite of many residents because of the consistently good food, above average sized portions, upscale atmosphere, exceptionally friendly service and the idea that you could enjoy your favorite Chinese dish while your family and friends ordered sushi and other Japanese favorites.

Unfortunately, Oriental Plaza left the Marsh Ave. shopping plaza behind the mall and hadn’t been heard from until a few months ago when they returned to a new location at 1845 Richmond Ave. The building is newer, more modern and much larger, but thankfully the food tastes just as good and the service is as friendly as it ever was. Although this two story building looks like it would best be served as a bank or office building, Oriental Plaza clearly needed both levels because on a Saturday or Sunday, families from across the island flock to this restaurant. And during the week, they have a pretty large lunch crowd that comes in to take advantage of the $3.98 and up lunch specials.

Oriental Plaza had established an unusually strong and loyal customer base when they opened behind the mall all those years ago, and I’m glad to see that their customers had not let their loyalties wander while Oriental Plaza was transitioning. I’m a proud supporter and long- time patron of Oriental Plaza since they originally opened on Marsh Ave., and I wish them nothing but the best of luck and success in their new location.

Oriental Plaza back in business [SILIVE]
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