Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Restaurant Review: Bistro

As I make my way around Staten Island, trying to discover new venues to spend Friday and Saturday nights at, its becoming more and more apparent that there are fewer and fewer places to go to get a drink with your significant others. Last week we decided to drive down Hylan Blvd after our city plans were scrapped. Just south of New Dorp Lane on Hylan Blvd, we found Bistro, a very upscale restaurant/lounge. The two of us decided to check it out. We pulled up to the valet attendant and I had him park my all too common Acura next to the brand new Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that was sitting out front. Not too shabby.

Our main goal for the night was to find a nice place to get a few drinks, talk and have some dessert. Bistro on the inside is relatively unassuming with none of the grandiose decor you find in many high end restaurants on Staten Island. The restaurant had about 25-30 tables with a separate party room where someone was celebrating a birthday. They even had live singers on Saturday night, which was a nice touch because the duo was actually pretty good. The clientele was mostly aged 40 and up, so we were definitely the younger, if not the youngest of everyone there.

Since Saturday night was warm and beautiful, we took advantage of Bistro's outdoor patio and got a table overlooking the parking lot out front. The drinks were reasonably priced with vodka and tonics running in the $7.50 range and the dessert menu had exactly what you would look for in a dessert menu. I'm a sucker for good creme brulee, so I consider it my life's work to find the perfect creme brulee. While not the best I ever had, me and my girlfriend were in agreement that this was a well above average example.

I never got a chance to check out the dinner menu, so I'll definitely have to go back to Bistro and write a follow up review. Nevertheless, during the summer, when its a nice night out, I've found a cool place to come to, have a drink and enjoy my creme brulee.

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