Thursday, January 6, 2011

Living in Ward Hill, Staten Island

The NY Times featured Ward Hill as a hidden gem in a recent article. As the article says:

Many homes have remained in the same families for decades, but as longtime residents either retire away or pass away, Ward Hill has been enjoying an infusion of new residents from all walks of life.

“It’s a real eclectic mix of people, with a lot of artsy people moving in,” said Jody Scaravella, a restaurateur who lives in a renovated Dutch colonial down the block from the Neravandas. “It’s not a boring, homogeneous zone.”

In a terraced garden behind his house, Mr. Scaravella grows produce for Enoteca Maria, the Italian restaurant he owns in nearby St. George. While tending his zucchini in the summer, he said, he is occasionally able to hear live rock music being performed by talented bands at the homes of neighbors who work in the music industry. At other times he hears only the singing of birds.

“Urban bucolic” is how Joseph Carroll, the district manager of Community Board 1, described the area, adding that “it’s economically singular but ethnically diverse.”

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