Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Buy or Refinance; Take Your Pick! Record Low Mortgage Rates!

I personally can't emphasize enough that it's a buyers market, so I'm bringing in heavy weight hitters, Reuters, to substantiate my views. Can you believe 30 year fixed mortgage rates are at their lowest in 37 years! If you've been waiting to refinance your home, so you can put extra money in your pocket for savings and investments, or even to spend money as a consumer, both will strengthen buyer confidence and stimulate the economy...do whatever floats your boat because either way your money can start circulating more effectively. And first-time home buyers, please take the bull by the horns and take advantage of everything I've been telling you since I've started this blog. The reality is you still need to have good credit and a stable job to get a mortgage. Watch the below clip...it's quick and straight to the point.

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