Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't Miss the Boat, Get It While It's Available - Tax Abatement

Photo by Grayman ! on Flickr

I've posted this picture for the mere fact that it's just pretty's definitely eye catching and is worthy of a blog post, plus it has some real estate relevance. Just don't get too spooked out and leave the page hastily because I have some important and valuable information coming up.

If you guys haven't already heard, new construction that is eligible for the eight year 421b real estate tax abatement benefits and the $7,500 federal tax credit for income-eligible first-time home buyers will only be available until June 30th 2009. Yes, the market is down and out but these incentives should revive you from the depths of your inner most qualms. What you're probably unaware of and I'm going to let you in on some industry secrets, it's unlikely that there are more than 100 homes on Staten Island that still qualify for 421b tax abatement. Among them are Opal Ridge, Maguire Woods, Sailor's Key and Petersons Lane. If any of my fellow readers know of any other developments that qualify for tax abatement please email me the listings or place a link in the comments section below, so SIREN can let the public know.

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