Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good Food, Good Times, Goodfellas

Photo by thewanderingeater on Flickr.

Have you ever eaten something so good that every time you think about it, you start to salivate? Or every time you smell it, it brings a little tear to your eyes. Did you ever think that you would eat a pizza that’s so good, it makes you want to thank the heavens above for giving this Van Gogh of dough the tasticular fortitude to create such a masterpiece. I’m talking about Goodfellas Pizza on Hylan Blvd. and any one of their many specialty pies that they make in their brick ovens.

Voted the best pizza in the world at the International Pizza Contest in Las Vegas and for good reason, Goodfellas’ combines a thick and flavorful crust with their homemade sauces and fresh mozzarella for a taste that’s absolutely out of this world. For the Vodka sauce lover, the Vodka pie is an absolute necessity with their home made tomato cream vodka sauce, seasoned mushrooms, prosciutto and peas mixed with fresh mozzarella. Maybe you prefer a little smoked mozzarella with sausage and wood roasted peppers, mixed with Goodfellas’ roasted pepper cream sauce, then you might want to consider ordering a Smokin Goodfella. Even if you want to stay clear from the meats, Goodfellas’ has got your pizza right here. The Mushroom Madness, with porcini cream mushroom sauce topped with fresh seasoned mushrooms, is sure to drive your taste buds crazy. There are 12 specialty pizzas in all, each one with its own flavor and personality. And if you’re having a little trouble choosing just 1 or 2 pies for your table, might I suggest a smorgasbord of individual pies for your pizza loving palates. Of course, if you want to keep things simple, feel free to order a plain pie, or one with any of your favorite toppings, or you could even select a delicious Italian entrĂ©e from the dinner menu.

Goodfellas Yelp Review!

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