Thursday, February 19, 2009

Holy Schnitzel, Kosher Cuisine for Staten Island’s Most Faithful

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For all the different religions, ethnicities and cultures that call Staten Island home there are plenty of places to eat at that would satiate the most discerning ethnic palate. There are Japanese and Chinese restaurants in every area on almost every block, Italian restaurants and pizzerias are as commonplace as Hummers and Escalades, and even Indian and Thai restaurants are starting pop up all over the place. However, there is one ethnic population whose options are limited not by food, but rather by diet. There is a fairly large population of Jewish people who keep kosher on Staten Island and there are literally only a handful of restaurants and stores for them to patronize.

Holy Schnitzel, located on Nome Ave. in the Nome Plaza shopping center seeks to cater to the kosher appetite, while offering options that would quench the hunger of most anyone’s taste. Holy Schnitzel has been open only a few months now and has already established itself as one of the best places to go on the island for Glatt Kosher cuisine. As the name indicates, they offer a variety of different schnitzels, with various seasonings and sauces, each with its own name to indicate the type of sauces and accoutrements it has. The Kung Fu Schnitzel has sesame seeds and panko breading, the Frenchi Schnitzel has Dijon mustard and the Franky Schnitzel has crushed garlic and Italian seasoned breading. There are a few different burgers and a nice assortment of wraps and paninies as well. You could choose from BBQ Chicken, Chicken or Salmon Teriyaki, Chicken or Salmon Caesar, Chicken Avocado or a Pepper Steak wrap. My personal favorite was the Chicken Teriyaki wrap with sautéed onions and a side of their sweet potato fries. The fries by the way could be the best sweet potato fries that I’ve ever had.

In addition to the schnitzels and burgers, they have a pretty extensive salad menu, with a Create Your Own salad option that includes the usual smorgasbord of salad ingredients. While Holy Schnitzel is a Glatt Kosher establishment, the food is pure deliciousness. Any way you slice it, Holy Schnitzel saw a niche market opportunity and took advantage of it. Aside from obviously attracting those who keep kosher, Holy Schnitzel is sure to attract throngs of people who just want a damn good sandwich.

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