Friday, May 8, 2009

Dutch Treats Follow Up

A follow up to the Dutch Treats post earlier in the week, I went to the opening of this exhibition and can say that this is definitely something worth some of your time. While the exhibition is not quite as large as Mr. Way's previous exhibits, this time around he has created a period room based on the 17th Century interior from the Dutch Golden Age. The room represents the height of affluence in Holland.

The opening was attended by the Dutch Consul who opened the exhibition to the public under a flag of the Netherlands. The Consul made this a part of the opening ceremonies of NY400: Holland on the Hudson, a celebration of 400 years of friendship between New York and Holland. As most people know, New York City started out life as New Amsterdam, and much of New York still reflects this from street names (Gansevoort), to bodies of water (Henry Hudson was the captain of the Dutch ship tat came to what was to become NYC, the Kill Van Kull, etc.).

A picture of Queen Beatrix (who, along with her family, was recently attacked) is near the entrance to the exhibition, and an orange ribbon hangs from the flag, a symbol of loyalty to the Oranges, the surname of the Dutch Royal Family (as in William of Orange).

The exhibition itself features items from upper crust society and similar to those used by royalty. From extravagantly carved chairs to wonderful portraits, and luxury objects, viewers who take the time to closely study the objects will be continually rewarded with new discoveries.

Installation view of the Dutch Treats' Period Room

Visitors to the exhibition are also admitted to see photos from the Waintrob collection which features celebrity photos, some Henry Moore sculptures, and other memorabilia from art world greats such as Calder, and Georgia O'Keefe. Also on view is a display of the architectural history of Snug Harbor.

Mr. Way's exhibition is slated to run through September 27th, 2009 and is open
from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am through 5 pm. Admission is $3.

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