Friday, May 29, 2009

You Know You Are From Staten Island When...

This is from a great site called A History of Staten Island, New York, which has plenty of historic photos, and other items of historical interest as well. Definitely worth a visit to see what this little Island of ours is all about!

You know you are from Staten Island when...
  • You refer to Manhattan as 'the city.’
  • You call the ferry 'the boat.’
  • You can name all four bridges.
  • You’ve gone sledding at LaTourette.
  • It takes you a half hour to get to your friend's house... and they
    live less than a mile away.
  • You have fond memories of the metal box outside your front door
    where the milkman put glass bottles of milk
  • You know it's Prince's Bay, not Princess Bay.
  • You would never swim in the water here.
  • You take pride in being from the ' South Shore ' or ' North Shore
  • At least one of your relatives or neighbors speaks Italian.
  • You remember where EJ Korvettes was.
  • Majors department store was a big deal when it opened in Mariners
  • You know its The Outerbridge Crossing not the Outer Bridge.
  • You have gotten into arguments with people who think Long Island
    is the fifth borough.
  • You or someone you know has more than one matching velour jogging
    suit in their closet.
  • You take fresh mozzarella and prosciutto for granted.
  • Every year you went to the New Dorp/Curtis game before
    Thanksgiving dinner, even if you didn't go to either school.
  • You recall Weisglass Milk and Weisglass Stadium.
  • You know the difference between Richmond Road, Richmond Avenue,
    and Richmond Terrace.
  • You know that 'Mike' or 'Nick' own all the good diners.
  • You remember the sound of the SIRT gates going down when a train
  • You remember the 'orange' home delivery bread trucks from
    Holtermann's bakery.
  • There are now 20 families living in town homes where there used to
    be one family living in a cape cod.
  • You remember trying not to slip and slide around on the wicker
    seats from the old SIRT 'olive colored' trains.
  • Your car cannot fit between the driveways of two houses
  • You know that we don't have apartment houses, we have Projects.
  • You've eaten at the Victory Diner at 3:30 am
  • You have fond memories of Bacci, Steinman's, Cosmo's, Al Deppe's,
    Demyan's Hofbrau and Tavern
    On The
  • New Dorp Lane was simply referred to as 'The Lane' and Richmond
    Avenue was simply 'The Avenue'
  • You remember when there were only about four or five traffic
    lights along Hylan Blvd from Richmond Avenue all the way to the Conference House.
  • You know every back road to the Verrazano.
  • You remember a horrible mid-air collision where one of the burning
    airliners fell into Millers Field in New Dorp.
  • Goodhue and Tompkinsville pool brings back fond memories.
  • You remember Wetsons, Goodys and Jack in the Box
  • You remember movies at The Lane, The Ritz, The Star, The
    Tompkinsville, The St. George, The Paramount.
  • You know that a chocolate egg cream doesn't actually have any egg
    in it.
  • You remember the trains above ground before they were put
  • It was a nickel to ride the bus with your bus pass.
  • You went to the concerts every Wednesday evening in the summer at
    Silver Lake.
  • You referred to the King's Arms as "the Arms" and called it the
    Queen's Legs at least once.
  • Pal Joey's "slice of pizza and a coke" was 25 cents
  • You know where Travis is.
  • You made Al Deppe's chicken dance for a penny.
  • You know that we have an Armory and where it is
  • You remember when Father Capadano Blvd was simply called Seaside
  • You put pennies on the SIRT tracks so the trains would flatten

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Anonymous June 1, 2009 at 12:45 PM  

You know someone's NOT from Staten Island when they indicate "Little Sri Lanka" is a 15' walk from the Ferry! Or when they post a sign about Little Sri Lanka at Jersey St & the Terrace... Thanks Mayor Mike, from an Islander and the lsot tourists...