Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brights Return to the Color Palette

Excerpt from Brights Return to the Color Palette
By Stephani L. Miller, CUSTOM HOME Magazine

During periods of economic hardship, consumers typically crave comfort and a sense of calm within a storm of uncertainty, and their color choices veer toward subdued neutrals and natural hues that soothe and ground the mind. As conditions improve, a restlessness and a desire to experiment with color emerges, and they begin looking for inexpensive ways to refresh and update their living spaces, infusing them with energy and (cautious) optimism.

In general people are starting to branch out in their color choices, although they aren't quite ready for bold steps, says Mark Woodman, who is the incoming president of the Color Marketing Group, and U.S. color expert for London-based color consultancy Global Color Research. "Color is returning because people can't live without it anymore."

Also included in this article, Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams, discusses four new color collections for 2011. Benjamin-Moore even introduces an inspiring color palette for 2012.

While brighter and more saturated hues are emerging in color palettes, the focus for the next few years will be on rethinking and repurposing existing home features through small updates, rather than starting over from scratch, the experts predict. Homeowners and designers are more likely to work stronger colors into homes as accents, applying them to a single wall or architectural details with paint, or through furnishings and accessories.

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