Thursday, February 3, 2011

Staten Island has 3 of Top 10 Green Neighborhoods in NYC

Excerpt from Green guide: Best places in the Big Apple for eco-friendly living
By Jason Sheftell, NY Daily News - Real Estate

With its bustling, car-filled streets making Manhattan among the most polluted areas in the city, green-seekers should head to the outer boroughs, where suburban-like neighborhoods put green-living first -- offering plenty of park space and less air pollution.

The complete list of the top 10 green neighborhoods, including statistics such as air index, population, hospitals, home sale value, etc. for each one, is available at the link provided. Here is where Staten Island's neighborhood's rank:

2. Tottenville, Staten Island
For Main Street living within the confines of the biggest city in the U.S., try Tottenville. Staten Island’s southernmost neighborhood is 1.7 square miles with a tiny downtown, old churches, a library, small boutiques and strong public schools. Large, 19th century homes dot the quiet streets where kids wearing Little League uniforms ride bikes home in the summertime and people wave at each other on the street. Everyone knows each other in this little neighborhood with beachfront parks and easy access to the Staten Island Railway.

6. Randall Manor, Staten Island
One of the more affluent enclaves in Staten Island, Randall Manor is full of multicolored Victorian homes with wrap-around porches and parlor rooms. Some even have views of New York Harbor and lower Manhattan. Named for Captain Robert Randall, the founder of nearby Snug Harbor -- a former sailor retirement center that's now a city park and cultural center -- the neighborhood has windy streets with maple and elm trees leading up a hill to a historic neighborhood. The area was originally developed as a summer vacation destination for wealthy Manhattanites who wanted to be closer to the water or in the cooler hills during hot August days.

8. Todt Hill, Staten Island
A neighborhood in the midst of a forest-like hill -- trees are so tall you can hardly see the sunlight on a spring day -- Todt Hill is one of the highest points in the city. The air is cool, crisp and clean. Older estates on hilltops overlook the harbor. People bicycle on the curvy streets. Seven Gables, Diana’s Trail, Nicole Loop and Overlook Drive -- even the names of the streets have a fairy-tale feel. Greener than 99% of New York City neighborhoods, this area draws people who like outdoor activities, gardening and bird-watching

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