Monday, June 1, 2009

Top 3 Celebrities and Notable People from Staten Island Part 1

To take away from the monotony of the typical work day, I thought you might enjoy my top 3 celebrity picks and notable people from Staten Island. Some of you might have known that these celebrities once lived and were raised on Staten Island, but for those of you who did not know, well now you do, and my job is done for the day! Enjoy and come back tomorrow for Part 2!

1. Ingrid Michaelson. Currently one of the most popular musicians hailing from Staten Island. After having several of her songs featured on Grey's Anatomy which put her on the map, and having her first hit single "The Way I Am" featured in the Old Navy Commercial, Ingrid Michaelson has been non stop in the public's eye. She has also performed with Dave Mathews Band at Madison Square Garden and was featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, incuding a laundry list of other accomplishments. Also, I recently found out she went to my former college at Binghamton University.

2. Alice Austen...If you're from Staten Island and do not live under a rock you definitely heard of Alice Austen, have been to the Alice Austen House or have seen her work.

1896 - Peddler of Sponges by Alice Austen

3. The hot and spicy Alyssa Milano. A sure favorite of mine growing up, but her acting was not the main reason :)

+ Alyssa Milano on IMDB
+ Official Site

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