Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Builder's Virtual Tools for Success: Part II

Photo by Relucesco22 on Flickr.

I'm back and I've got the rest of your builder wish list. Whether your a seasoned builder or first starting out your career don't lose these tools, so I recommend that you tuck them away in a safe place.

Home Energy Saver - This is a great analytics tool that provides valuable cost savings data based on certain input specifications. The site uses a combination of questions such as demographic, location, detailed description of the home
and current utility rates in order to recommend upgrades you can make to achieve potential savings for heating, cooling, major and small appliances, lighting and water heating.
McMaster-Carr - A site I really like due to its simplicity in providing comprehensive information to connect product manufacturers and suppliers with builders. This site is organized in categories such as Hand Tools, Machinery Maintenance and raw materials, which includes a link to the respective product prices and specs.
NAHB House Price Estimator - A Microsoft Excel based tool that allows builders to enter various characteristics to find out which features and amenities affect the price of a home. A great comparative analysis tool to strategically building a home.
UPworld - A web-based networking tool for professionals in the building and real estate industry. This site acts as a platform to connect professionals in the real estate community for potential new business opportunities, deals and projects.

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