Friday, January 23, 2009

SINY Pizza Tour Testimonial

I just want to share with you guys some very kind and sincere words from someone on the SINY Pizza Tour. This goes to show you that Staten Island is a place that has so much to offer, and it is embraced by people from all over.

Seriously Mitchell, both Robyn and I left Staten Island with the feeling that we were part of the family...not something we have always experienced on our previous visits to Manhattan. You and the SINY board members truly put your best foot forward, and we're now convinced it's the place to stay on any future visits to the New York area.

As far as the tour is concerned, I don't know that you could have done anything was informative, entertaining, interesting, and best of all: filling! Hopefully, I can come back in a few months and defend my title!

Thanks again for a great afternoon. - Jan D. Wright from Roanoke Virginia

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