Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Trendy, Fun and Delicious Piece of NYC, Rolled Up and Dipped in Staten Island

Photo by Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev from NY Magazine

The coolest place to eat sushi this side of the Verrazano Bridge is without a doubt Fushimi, located at 2110 Richmond Rd. As soon as you walk through the double doors you notice that this isn’t your ordinary Japanese restaurant. Your eyes immediately dart back and forth between the multi-colored lights flashing on the floors, walls, ceiling and bar. Your ears are treated to the loud, yet pleasant club-like music that plays throughout the restaurant and your mind is telling you that you’ve just stepped foot into a trendy little lounge somewhere in the village in Manhattan. But then you refocus all of your senses and realize that not only are in Staten Island, but you’re standing in a restaurant about to sit down next to a family of 8 enjoying a massive plate of sushi with colors so bright that you think they’re painted.

Photo by Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev from NY Magazine

Aside from the ubiquitous salmon and tuna rolls that show up in every Japanese restaurant, Fushimi has employed one of the most creative sushi menus that I’ve ever seen. Mixing all different kinds of fish, lobster, crab and fruits like Mango, Bananas and Papaya, there are combinations and rolls that no average person could think of on their own. But rest assured, every combination is supremely fresh, absolutely delicious and beautifully presented. While all of your basic rolls are average priced, around $5-$6, the special rolls will set you back about $16-$18 per roll. Each of the special rolls is divided into 8 large pieces, and 2 of these rolls are enough to satisfy most people. For those that aren’t into sushi, there’s a complete menu of amazingly delicious cooked fish dishes, along with different varieties of chicken and beef entrees. The truth is that you can’t go wrong with any dish that you choose.

Photo by Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev from NY Magazine

Fushimi is a place you want to keep coming back to, not only because you will always find something on the menu that you want to try, but also because it’s a cool, trendy and inviting atmosphere where you want to hang out. - By special guest blogger Adam Steinhandler

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Fushimi [Yelp Reviews]

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