Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Staten Island Courthouse Coming Soon!

For years, Staten Island has taken steps to update many of the areas around the borough that are old and run down. We've spent millions to renovate buildings, beautify parks and public spaces and improve the overall aesthetic of the island. The private sector has even gotten involved with the conversion of old warehouses by the water into the upscale co-ops known as Bay Street Landing. The ferry terminal and the immediate areas around the ferry terminal were prime targets for these updates and renovations and for good reason. These are the areas that many people see first when they come to Staten Island via the ferry. Their first thoughts and impressions of Staten Island are molded by what they see immediately after getting off of the ferry.

The building of a brand new courthouse down on Bay Street was the next step in improving that area even further. A massive new courthouse that will house supreme courts, civil courts and criminal courts will be the focus of construction over the next 3 years. Located in the St. George area of Staten Island not far from the ferry terminal, the new building will cost the city approximately $220 million and will be the borough's largest capital investment for a building ever. The new courthouse promises to be environmentally friendly too, with solar panels and green roofs.

Staten Island continues to spend capital on ensuring a modern and aesthetically pleasing look in the hopes of changing the perception of the island. For years, Staten Island was the dump of the 5 boroughs, both literally and figuratively, and the steps that we've taken to reverse that stigma are both tremendous and plentiful. As long as capital spending on this borough doesn't come to a halt, given time, Staten Island could see itself prosper into an even more beautiful place to live in and visit. - By special guest blogger Adam Steinhandler

Staten Island Officials Break Ground On New Courthouse [NY1]

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